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Mircek Fabric Layered Compensators

Mircek Fabric Layered Compensators

Fabric layered compensators are manufactured to provide the thermal expansion and vibration of low pressure pipeline.
They are also referred to as “fabric compensator“.

Areas of Use
  • Metal Industry
  • Thermal Power Plants
  • Gas Turbines
  • Cement – Gypsum Plants
  • Iron – Steel Industry
  • Motor and Marine Industry
  • Concrete Industry
  • Industrial Furnaces
  • Treatment Facilities
  • Fertilizer Industry
  • Cogeneration Facilities
  • Wood and paper industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Petro – Chemical Industry
Production Range
  • Operating range from -50 C to 1100 C
  • Cylindrical, square, rectangular and conical shapes suitable for duct or pipeline
  • Single or multiple layers
  • Containing different details in terms of resistance to various chemicals
  • Various dimensions and sizes
  • On site or project specific measurement

Motion types of Mircek Fabric Layered Compensators

Mircek Fabric Layered Compensators’ Layers

1- Outer Layer Providing Impermeability: The top layer that protects the sublayers by providing impermeability against water, chemical, welding etc. that may be caused by external influences and allows movement elasticity
2- Sealing Layer: Sealing layer which is provided with gas tightness and which can be supported with PTFE-coated glass fiber fabrics with teflon coatings.
3- Heat Insulation Layer: Heatproofing layer made of glass or ceramic fiber felts that reduce the temperature reaching to sealing layer in high temperature of lines to 260C and prevent the deformation of the sealing layer.
4- Insulation and Strength Layers’ Supporting Layer: The carbon felt layer supporting the insulation layer with its high temperature resistance, and strength layers with its friction and corrosion resistance.
5- Strength Layer: Glass or ceramic fiber fabric layer with increased heat and friction resistance with stainless steel wire reinforcement exposed to the fluid
6- Balancing Layer: Large pore and flexible stainless-steel wire mesh layer that provides dimensional stability, supports upper layer rigidity, reduces friction deformations
7- Flange Holder Layer: The layer that protects the compensator from the abrasive effect of the pressure plates and connects the compensator to the flanges


Mircek Fabric Layered Compensator Types

One Layered Compensators

1-Fan Compensators (120C): Compensators manufactured for heating and ventilation systems that can be used at temperatures up to 120 ° C for low temperature and pressurized environments.

2-Resistant to Chemicals (300C): This is a compensator that we produce for particle lines operated under 300 ° C and will cause strong acids or sedimentation.

Multi-Layer Expansion Joints

1- Air and Chimney Gas Compensators: These are our fabric compensators, which are detailed in terms of temperature, pressure, particle type and density, chemical interactions, and can be used even at maximum 1000 ° C.

2- Suction line compensators: In terms of performance during vacuum, stainless steel cage wire and steel lamellae are manufactured in an outward curved structure and can be used even at temperatures of 1100 C. It is resistant to high positive and negative pressures.