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Hvac Mircek Valve Jacket

Hvac Mircek Valve Jacket

Insulation jackets commonly used in buildings for heating and cooling installations and generally known as “VALVE JACKET” can be used in all valves and equipment on the pipeline.

Valve jacket is a composite insulating material that,

  • Reduces heat loss to the worst in hot lines
  • is manufactured from many layers, which prevents the heat gains and also removes the risk of choking and corrosion in cold lines.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Provides high energy gain.
  • It plays an active role in ensuring work and safety by isolating high surface temperatures.
  • Can be installed, removed and reinstalled. It can be used many times. Demontable feature allows maintenance and repair of equipment. It is a practical and long-lasting insulation.
  • Contributes to reducing environmental pollution with high energy saving.
  • Equipment such as a fire hydrant and water meter, which must be instantly activated, prevents the risk of freezing.
  • Overheating in the boiler room damages other mechanical, automatic, electronic systems.
  • Corrosion caused by condensation in cooling systems, wear, system failure, etc. prevent risks.
  • It is not flammable as it does not contain carbon and hydrogen and does not contribute to flame increase in fire.
  • Protects the equipment used to extend the period of use.
  • It also isolates the valves and flanges that the valve is connected to prevent heat bridge formation.
  • It can be used even at temperatures of 1000 ºC thanks to the advantage of having various kinds of detail materials.
  • Since it is easy to install, it saves workmanship and time.
  • Because of its size, it gains from every place in the process.
  • The shipping cost is low because it is a light product. Can be packed according to international standards, stocking is easy.
  • Aesthetic, decorative and functional.
  • Can be used easily in indoor and outdoor environment thanks to special coatings.
  • It prevents the insulation material in the intermediate layer from deteriorating and failing to fulfill its duty thanks to special coatings that cut water.
  • It does not contain asbestos and carcinogenic substances.
  • It is suitable for use in all sectors (food, metal, etc.).
  • It saves its own cost in a short time thanks to the energy saving.
  • Sale under warranty.

Material Layers of Valve Jackets used in Mechanic Installations

Mircek Hvac Insulation Jackets Material Types


Aluminum foil coated fabric


Silicone coated fabric


Glass Fiber fabric


Glass Fiber Bundles
(500 C)


Glass Fiber Tapes
(500 C)


Camelyaf Hose Pouch
(500 C)


Kevlar Sewing Thread


Miscellaneous Connection Parts

Thermal Insulation Jacket Parts


1- Glass giber / Ceramic fiber thread
2- Steel wire reinforced flexten / Glass Fiber sewing thread
3- Belt connection supporting the assembly pallets
4- High-temperature resistant stainless-steel product label
5- Stainless steel button
6- Button and fasteners with connecting stainless steel hook connection
7- Large surface relief, supportive buckle belt

8- High-glass-fiber tube with rupture and humidity resistance
9- Adhesive strips
10- PVC additive fabric product label
11- Heat resistant flexten / Glass Fiber sewing thread
12- Stainless steel hook
13- Stacking preventive stainless-steel fixing pulu
14- End points seal packing

Mircek Valves and Armature Jacket Types

1- Ball Valve Jacket

2- Butterfly Valve Jacket

3- Piston / Globe Valve Jacket

4- Sliding Valve Jacket

5- Compensator / Flans Insulation Jacket

6- 3 Way And 2 Way Insulation Jacket

7- Esansor Heat Insulation Jacket

8- Pipe-T and Elbow Heat Insulation Jacket

9- Dirt Holder Thermal Insulation Jacket

10- Water Counter Heat Insulation Jacket

11- Checkvalve Heat Insulation Jacket

12- Air Tube Heat Insulation Jacket

13- Pump Snail Heat Insulation Jacket


Classification of Mircek Valves and Armature Jackets by Mounting Type

Valve jackets manufactured on special order are produced in three different sizes as TYPE 0, TYPE 1, TYPE 2 according to the mounting form of the valves. In order to ensure that the valve jackets fulfill their technical functions properly and to seem uniform, it is necessary to apply them according to this type of information during assembly.

Mircek Valve Jacket Assembly Phases