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Mircek Sound Insulation Jackets

Mircek Sound Insulation Jackets

Pumps, coolers, generators, etc., located in mechanical installations in buildings and industrial plants. “Sound Insulation Jackets” are produced to prevent the noise coming from the resultant equipment.

In addition to these;

  • Rail vehicles
  • Buses
  • Medical technology
  • Industrial plant
  • Treatment plants
  • Air conditioning – ventilation areas

Application areas are required in these areas.


Polyester felt lamination sound insulation jackets have water, oil, fuel non-retention feature.

Equipments of Mircek Sound Insulation Jackets

  • Chiller
  • Fans
  • Gas Pipes
  • Pump
  • Silencer
  • Container
  • Compressor
  • Centrifugal Machines
  • Input and Connection Pipes
  • Generator Cabinets
  • Partitions
  • Machine Cabins
  • Motor Cabins

Our soundproof jackets made of acoustic sponges, which has the feature of being fireproof,
also function as fire barriers.

Advantages of Mircek Sound Isolation Jackets

  1. Has the appropriate details to damp high and low frequency sounds.
  2. Acoustically optimized, ready-to-install products.
  3. Resistant to adverse effects caused by external interactions with a wide variety of sound insulation types of sponge and various laminated coatings.
  4. High flammability performance.
  5. Resistant to high temperature.
  6. Has low thermal conductivity.
  7. It is suitable for use in hot and humid environments.
  8. It is resistant against chemicals.
  9. Soft tissue vibrations dampen and prevent other components in the installation from being adversely affected.
  10. Reducing exhaust noise with sound insulation to the exhaust system helps to reduce the engine noise level in a certain range.
  11. Vibrations that occur in the exhaust system and other machine components during operation of the engine can adversely affect components, especially due to space limitations. Thermal insulation jackets, noise risk due to vibration in the system, deformation of machine components, reduce the drop in operating performance.

The laminating variety of soundproofing sponges used in Mircek Sound Insulation Jackets responds to many technical requirements.

Aluminized laminated sound insulation jackets have the property of reflecting the heat waves.

The laminating variety of soundproofing sponges used in Mircek sound insulation jackets responds to many technical requirements