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Mircek Rain Protection Jackets

Mircek Rain Protection Jackets

In some plants, production lines have to be cleaned periodically with pressurized water. During this maintenance, the digital devices, indicators and automation integrated machines on the system must be protected from the adverse effects of water. In addition, such devices and machines in the outdoor environment need to be protected by being influenced by atmospheric conditions such as rain, snow, and humidity.


In general terms “Mircek Rain Protection Jackets” protects against these negative effects and improves the usage performance and life of equipment. It is a demontable cabin. At the same time the blow can also be used as a jacket.

The most important feature that differentiates Mircek Rain Protection Jackets from temporary protection covers such as PVC, nylon is “Fire Protection Jacket” at the same time. Silicone coated fabrics that provide water, acid, oil impermeability are also fireproof fabrics reinforced with fire-retardant additives


Usage Areas

  • Indicators
  • Detectors
  • Sensors
  • Measuring and control devices
  • Centrifuge machines
  • Control panels
  • Digital measuring instruments
  • Work robots
  • Instruments
  • Medical devices

Mircek Rain Protection Jackets are also a “Fire Protection” and “Shock Protection” jackets.

Advantages of Mircek Rain Protection Jackets

  1. Protect outdoor equipment and devices from atmospheric conditions (rain, snow, humidity, acid rain, storm, etc.).
  2. Prevents the risk of rusting, abrasion, deterioration of the device by water, which will result in periodic pressurized water cleaning.
  3. Prevents the glazing of glazed devices due to atmospheric conditions.
  4. At the same time the fire insulation jacket. Contrary to PVC banners, it is manufactured with fireproof fabrics to provide protection in the event of fire and contributes to the damage of the device.
  5. It can be used repeatedly with quick attachment, disassembly, re-installation feature, and provides operators with easy maintenance and application.
  6. Each device can fit design according to the surface shape.
  7. Protect devices against possible collisions.
  8. Temporary pvc tarpaulins and connection of nylon coverings, adhesive tapes and so on. with workarounds such as This is a waste of time on the one hand and a disposable solution on the other side and pvc waste. At the same time, it creates an aesthetic and neglected image.