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Mircek Pipeline Heating and Heat Tracing

Mircek Pipeline Heating and Heat Tracing

The pipeline heating method we use with heating cables to protect gas, liquid, viscous fluids from frost, heat loss, or heating in industrial pipelines is a method of heating.

With the details of the cable power generated by considering the pipeline environment, fluid type, pipe spacing and many other factors, every product in the system can be pumped and maintain its fluidity. Reliability and longevity provided by modern heating cables improve our heat tracing applications positively

Our Heating Cabinets for Energy Efficiency and Control Facility in Industrial Facilities
  • Flexible
  • Different powers
  • Has advanced automation control system equipment

Advantages of Mircek Heat Tracing

1- Keeping the fluids constant at the desired temperature
2- The risk of loss of fluid due to heat loss during transfer by piping
3- Easy control of electricity energy
4- No maintenance of heating cables
5- The cables do not have the risk of burning themselves due to overheating
6- Compliance with every environment and process
7- High reliability and practicality


For uninterrupted operation in industrial facilities; Heat Tracing

The most adverse event in industrial installations is the system stoppage. One of the biggest benefits of our pipe is that they remove the risk of blocking of heating and heat monitoring applications with heater cables; pumps, valves, filters, transmitters, and other measuring devices.


Cable Selection

Our Most Preferred Cable Types for Heat Tracing Applications

1- Self-limiting heating cables (self limiting)
2- Serial resistance heating cables (very high resistance to heat)