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Mircek Industrial

Mircek Industrial

Carrying out the duty of all equipments during the production in industrial plants by spending energy has caused the necessity of energy saving and heat insulation. The pipelines carrying the fluid during production phase, the valves and armatures directing the fluid, the energy-intensive tank, the boiler etc. all equipment must be insulated with high temperature resistant insulation pads or jackets.


Each industry has a different technical, special design equipment shapes based special design expectation and applicability expectancy from  the insulating pads.


  • Gas and Steam Turbines Insulation Pads
  • Chiller Insulation Pads
  • Boiler Insulation Pads
  • Boiler Insulation Pads
  • Valve and Armature Insulation Pads
  • Gas and Steam Pipes, T and Elbow Insulation Pads
  • Air Filters Insulation Pads
  • Fan Insulation Pads
  • Exhaust Pipes Insulation Pads
  • Heating-Cooling Towers Insulation Pads
  • Robot-Furnace Insulation Pads
  • Generator Cabins Insulation Pads
  • Split Cabin Insulation Pads
  • Plastic Injection Insulation Pads
  • Boiler Covers Insulation Pads
  • Pipe End Insulation Pads
  • Detector Insulation Pads
  • Pump Insulation Pads
  • Bunker Insulation Pads
  • Tank Insulation Pads
  • Tube Insulation Pads
  • Compressor Insulation Pads
  • Filter Insulation Pads

Industries in which Mircek Industrial Insulation Pads are used

  • Electricity (Thermal and Hydroelectric Power Plants)
  • Mining – Natural Resources
  • Metal – Steel Industry
  • Machinery Industry
  • Furniture Industry
  • Textile Industry
  • Packaging Industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Food industry
  • Chemistry – Paint Industry
  • Tire – Rubber Industry
  • Heating – Cooling Industry
  • Forest Products Industry
  • Electronics
  • Paper – Cellulose Industry
  • Agriculture – Livestock Industry
  • Leather Industry
  • Glass – Porcelain Industry
  • Plastic Industry
  • Energy Industry

Project specific composite isolating pads can be produced with a wide variety of material advantages according to demand and expectancy

Lines in which Mircek Insulating Pads are used

  • Steam
  • Hot Oil
  • Acid
  • Particles
  •  Cold water
  • Gas
  • Oil
  • Compressed Air
  • Various Chemicals

Assembly phases of Mircek Valve Jackets


Advantages of Mircek Industrial Insulating Pads compared to other insulating products

  • Comfortable use in tight spaces with a wide range of thickness and density of layer materials
  • Oil and water impermeability with its silicone, teflon, etc. surface coatings
  • Protective insulation layer due to liquid impermeability
  • Smooth operation both inside and outside
  • Possibility to use even at 1000 C
  • Individually designed with very different shaped surfaces
  • Can be assembled, disassembled and reinstalled
  • Practical and long lasting
  • Easy assembly and labor and time saving
  • Possibility to supply and store as spare
  • Aesthetic, decorative and functional
  • Asbestos and carcinogenic substances free
  • Lightweight and easy to transport, store
  • Extension of the service life of the equipment
    covered by the protective effect